Thursday, 12 June 2014

Football World Cup.

Yes that time has come again! The football world cup is back and its opening night. But it is not just opening night for them in Brazil; Its opening night for me too! After finishing uni I have decided to sell some original pieces and make some prints of them too. I will be selling these on my NEW SHOP!
Now you think....what does the World Cup have to do with me at all (apart from having a few teams in the family sweepstakes). Well as you may have seen before I did a project for Spiel North a few months ago; these are the original screen prints that I will be selling! At the moment i only have two up on my shop but there must be at least 40 prints. So as the World Cup tournaments go on I will be uploading many more images!

All the originals are being sold in frames and (when I get a good enough printer) the prints will have an option to be sold framed or unframed.

In addition to these football prints I am currently selling original images of the stitched faces that I also made a few months ago. (You may have seen them in this post). Again these originals are sold in frames but some sort of postcards or small prints will also be made available at a later date (probably when I have enough money!)


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