Thursday, 5 June 2014

Degree show madness

So this is it. The degree show and my final few days in Liverpool. The Degree show is on from 29th May till 13th June and displays all the work from the Graphic Design and Illustration class of 2014, as well as all the other art subjects within our building. It is also the main reason that I have been so unproductive on this blog for so long. 

I was quite lucky in the fact that I had quite a lot of my work exhibited for the exhibition and actually I am so proud of each and every piece, which is unusual for me because I probably won't like any of the work within another 2 weeks. The module results have come through now and all I have to wait for is the final letter giving me my overall grade. 

I am so proud of everyone in my class, they have all produced the most amazing work!
So if you are in Liverpool, head up to the John Lennon art and design building and take a look!


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