Saturday, 28 September 2013

Who will buy?

Thats right folks. My work is in a shop!! As you may have seen from the last post some of my recent work is being stocked at Landbaby at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. I have some Birthday Cards and a few prints that are being sold at the moment but as christmas comes along I will also have some christmas cards in stock!


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Landbaby at the Bluecoat

As you may know that I went to INPRINT Liverpool this Sunday with a few friends to sell there and Claire from Landbaby at the Bluecoat came and told us to pop in with our work. We did. Now my work is officially in a shop! Thats right. It happened that quickly, and I couldn't be happier! She took on two of my BFG prints, a range of may christmas and birthday cards and my Mary print. Its only a term basis just to see what sells in the shop but im just so excited!! What a start! All my friends got taken up too so i had a celebratory brownie in the library for everyone. You can check out Landbaby here on Facebook and Bigcartel

Also go and check out my friends and their beautiful work!!

Monday, 23 September 2013

I know what you did last weekend.

Last weekend a few friends and I shared a table at INPRINT Liverpool, and i have to say that it was a great experience. It was a busy day (and didn't help that i had caught a cold) and I ended up going to bed at 9pm but it was so worth it.

I met so many lovely people and managed to get some sort of experience of selling at these kind of fairs. I managed to sell two packs of Christmas cards and have gained some amazing work from my friends for free (well an art swap). I cant wait for the next one! For now I'm going to LandBaby at the Bluecoat to show Claire , who owns the shop, some of my work in case she would like to buy/ order any of my prints or cards! Which is super exciting!

Anyway for now here is our stall and my beautiful friends. I can't wait to do it all again!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Almost There!

Getting ready for INPRINT Liverpool! I'm so excited to go and to start selling! Ive been a busy bee doing Uni work, working on my dissertation and trying to get things sorted. I'm almost done and only have a few things to do to finish it all off!

So if your in Liverpool this 22nd September between 12-5pm then come along to Camp and Furnace and maybe buy a print or two!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

mystic lives.

As you may be able to tell I have been obsessed with magic and all things magical. Hence all the witches and magical hands. 

At the moment I'm busy with Uni work and preparing for INPRINT Liverpool, I have all my cards to fold and package and then make belly bands for the Christmas cards! ANNNDDDD its my first day of my Final year at Uni today. I can't believe how fast it has come round. 
So much work and so little time!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Oh Saucy.

Another print I shall be selling at INPRINT. These came out of a day where i forced myself to sit down and make something, a sign that I'm wanting new underwear!?! maybe. I have to say though I'm loving all the pastel colours in this and the slightly off filling of colour. I may be behind by about a few years doing this, but boy I have found this now. 

Think this is one of my faves.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Mr Postman

So exited!! The cards I ordered have finally arrived! Lots of work still to do as you can see they aren't folded so gonna have to have a night being busy and folding and packing but I can't wait! I have both Christmas cards as well as general birthday cards and I shall be selling these at INPRINT as well as my etsy once it is open! 

Dead Arm.

Think this is about as emo as I get... and even this has pastel colours. 

Look out for this as a print at the getting ever closer INPRINT Liverpool! Today I am moving back to the 'pool for University so it shall be a very busy and emosh day, but i'm so excited to start again. 

Want to find out more about Inprint Liverpool? check out there twitter for more details!

Friday, 6 September 2013

A little edit.

If you saw my earlier post you will see that I'm selling at INPRINT Liverpool! So I've been flicking through all my work to decide what to sell, and since his BFG drawing went down so well on my Tumblr i thought i would use it but it was missing something. SOOOOOO I added this quote from the BFG book, i thought it was rather cute and suited it well. TA DAHHH!!! 

Like this? Well I shall be opening an Etsy shop soon in which this will be one of the prints I shall be selling. Keep an eye out for details! 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Inprint Liverpool.

As you may know if you follow this blog I have some exciting news!

I will be selling at Inprint Liverpool on 22nd September and I can't wait!! This is the reason I've been so busy/ putting up so much work recently. I didn't find out till I came back off holiday (1st September) that I had actually got a table so its been a stressful few weeks. Getting images sent off to print, producing more work to sell, setting up an etsy account (!!!!) which should be up and running very soon. All at the same time as trying to pack up all my things for going back to university and doing uni work. DAMN. I've even been doing maths in the shower to sort out numbers.

So Inprint had a fair in August too but they are now doing a print exchange. We shall have the first fair in Liverpool with a few German Students and then Inprint goes over to Germany with a few of LJMU's students- I may be one! Its all about seeing other peoples work and see what they make and sell and Everyone is welcome to come and have a nose around.

The September fair is being held at the extremely cool Camp and Furnace in Liverpool (It has caravans inside, therefore very cool.) and is taking over the whole first floor. There shall be food, drinks, music and of course plenty of really cool art. So if you're in the Liverpool area or happen to be close and like good art, good people and good food then have a pop down and check it out, come say "Hi" and see whats happening in the world of Illustration/ Graphic design!!

Can't Wait!

Find out more on INPRINT Liverpool's Facebook Page!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Yes I went there. I drew some kind of Virgin Mary looking woman.

There is going to be a serge of work within the next few posts because I've produced quite a bit the last few days.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Magic Spells.

This is the second of my two witch girls, and probably the more feisty one of the two. 

I have a post coming up soon about some exciting stuff/ means me having no free time at all for a while so I may just have to schedule a few posts so that I can keep on top of everything. Or I shall just have to invest in Bernard's watch. (look it up if you don't understand/ not a 90's child in the UK!)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to Work.

ANNDDDDD i'm back after a busy few days in Berlin where my feet decided that they needed to be cut off at the end of each day. I'm already freezing and snuggling in my jumper getting back to work and my 100+ emails. OH THE JOY. Although some exciting news coming up!

Im already back to work scanning in images and editing, although I should probably do some of my dissertation or summer project. I've not go long at home now as I disappear back to Liverpool on Saturday to live in my new house with all my drawing friends. Anyway here is one of the witches that I kept drawing while on holiday, I would like to think she was quite the moody little witch.