Saturday, 30 November 2013

INPRINT in Manchester

So last weekend I whisked off to Manchester with Victoria to sell goodies at another INPRINT (See the last one here). It was an early start, and i overslept. What a great start to the day. We were located in the cellar room of The Soup Kitchen, a modern cafe/restaurant by day and bar by night (as we saw from the left over pieces of lime!) This was definitely a much smaller fair than the one I had been too before, meaning we didn't sell as much. BUT we did have a good time together and may have bagged a table for another fair this winter....if they reply in time/ we can make everything for it! 

Sorry for the lack of posts for a while. Uni work has been building up towards this final deadline on Monday! I'll be posting some new/finished work soon :)


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Deadly Dash.

So since my last post on this project I've come a long way. Thats right folks... I've gone all weird and started sewing in to photographs of dead people. Not pleasant but i think its working well. Ive looked at enough murder scenes to scar my mind, what I do for my work ey! 

I especially like the ones where they look like they are sleeping. 

Collage Collection.

A few collages from a workshop the other week....think they tuned out quite successful.