Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Finally arrived ✈

I've finally arrived in Berlin for the second half of our holiday and the first thing we did.... Order room service! After a whole day of traveling from kefalonia to Vienna and then on to Berlin. This was well deserved! It all disappeared in about 5 seconds! 

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Monday, 26 August 2013


Being inspired by witches and magical stuff while in holiday in the middle if summer... Normal?! I think it's probably more influence of Harry potter rather than Halloween approaching,much more friendlier and less slutty than Halloween! 

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Still away on holiday annddd since I can't be even close to a scanner or photoshop at the moment here is a little treasure of something I did the other week. I've decided I need a jumper like the BFG's and Sophie's hair.

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Holidays.

GREETINGS! Being in Kefalonia soaking up some sun and reading plenty of books. I decided to show you a Sneaky Peak at one of the Christmas cards i've been designing. All I need to do now is send them off to be printed and then I should be able to sell them! So keep your eyes peeled for an announcement of an etsy store opening soon and for pictures of my cards finally printed.

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

We're all going on a summer holiday

I'm on holiday now! In beautiful kefalonia and sunning to my hearts content (even with the giant wasps flying about) and then I'm going on to Berlin for a few days of sight seeing and inspiration. I shan't be doing much blogging, but I do have a few scheduled posts coming up. I will most likely be instagraming and tweeting so if you want to do some stalking then head over to my twitter or Instagram. I may include images of my drawings, depending on how good they are. Hope y'all having a good summer! Speak soooonnnnnnn.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


You may have noticed, i'm now on Bloglovin' !!!
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Beautifully Butch.

Made some thank you cards for all the lovely birthday presents I received! 
Que.- Big butch man holding a bunch of pink flowers. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In fine style.

On Tuesday I visited the queen's gallery at Buckingham Palace. Again I was visiting for my dissertation, I get to visit such beautiful places for it and I'm so glad that I picked what I did. Anyway I was visiting for the 'In Fine Style' exhibition which is being held till 6th October 2013. It has some truly beautiful pieces let alone its beautiful surroundings. I thoroughly recommend this exhibition I just wish  I had more time in the day to have a visit round Buckingham palace too! The photographs below are some of my favourite pieces, I was so grateful that I could photograph them as not many places allow it. So if you're in London any time soon go have a quick look and get the audio guide for some added extras!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

London outing

At Matilda waiting for the show to start! So excited! How great is this set!!! 

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21st Birthday Party

AGHH!! I can't believe that it is August already! How time flies. So as you can probably tell from a. the title of this blog post and b. the crazy pictures below, I had my BIRTHDAY PARTY! Typically I wouldn't have one because I'm usually on holiday or most of my friends are. Birthday in August = Birthday Party deprived childhood. As you can probably also tell from this amazing cake that I turned the old age of 21. (21 and i still have horses and cats all over my cake, BEST CAKE EVER!) 

Anyway here are just a few photos from my party, I didn't take many because I was the hostess with the mostess. But I did manage to get one of myself with the amazing photo board that my mom and sister made for me! AWWWWW how sweet!

I was so tired by the end of the day all i needed was to snuggle up in my bed but we had to tidy up at about 12:30am so no sleep for me. I had such a lovely day and I'm just thankful that I have so many people who care about me. Turning 21 is going to be big but I have a bigger year coming up (i.e. 3rd year, graduation, etc.) so this year is going to be good and you would think slightly more grown up, but I'll still act like a 5 year old and wont like wine. 

When this goes out (because it is a scheduled post) it will be my birthday, I shall be old. However, I shall also be watching Matilda on the West End with my family for the afternoon matinee. AND I CANT WAIT! 


Today I turned 21. 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

the #ablogger hashtag

So some of you may have already heard about the #ablogger hash tag that Laura at CardBoardCities (her work is amazing!) has come up with. Which is such a wonderful idea! I've been reading and following blogs for a while now, and not just art blogs but fashion, lifestyle and beauty. And from following these people on twitter and reading their blogs you notice that the lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers all have hash tags so that you can discover other blogs and become part of their community on the twitter. However, I have never noticed this for art blogs. There is #handmadehour which people also promote on but with this new hash tag thanks to Laura I feel that the creative community will grow and support each other a bit more. GO ARTISTS!

At the moment there is a talk/chat every Wednesday at 7pm (UK time) and all you have to do is use the hash tag to be part of it! WOWEE! I can't wait to meet and talk with more creatives. :)