Tuesday, 6 August 2013

the #ablogger hashtag

So some of you may have already heard about the #ablogger hash tag that Laura at CardBoardCities (her work is amazing!) has come up with. Which is such a wonderful idea! I've been reading and following blogs for a while now, and not just art blogs but fashion, lifestyle and beauty. And from following these people on twitter and reading their blogs you notice that the lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers all have hash tags so that you can discover other blogs and become part of their community on the twitter. However, I have never noticed this for art blogs. There is #handmadehour which people also promote on but with this new hash tag thanks to Laura I feel that the creative community will grow and support each other a bit more. GO ARTISTS!

At the moment there is a talk/chat every Wednesday at 7pm (UK time) and all you have to do is use the hash tag to be part of it! WOWEE! I can't wait to meet and talk with more creatives. :) 

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