Thursday, 5 September 2013

Inprint Liverpool.

As you may know if you follow this blog I have some exciting news!

I will be selling at Inprint Liverpool on 22nd September and I can't wait!! This is the reason I've been so busy/ putting up so much work recently. I didn't find out till I came back off holiday (1st September) that I had actually got a table so its been a stressful few weeks. Getting images sent off to print, producing more work to sell, setting up an etsy account (!!!!) which should be up and running very soon. All at the same time as trying to pack up all my things for going back to university and doing uni work. DAMN. I've even been doing maths in the shower to sort out numbers.

So Inprint had a fair in August too but they are now doing a print exchange. We shall have the first fair in Liverpool with a few German Students and then Inprint goes over to Germany with a few of LJMU's students- I may be one! Its all about seeing other peoples work and see what they make and sell and Everyone is welcome to come and have a nose around.

The September fair is being held at the extremely cool Camp and Furnace in Liverpool (It has caravans inside, therefore very cool.) and is taking over the whole first floor. There shall be food, drinks, music and of course plenty of really cool art. So if you're in the Liverpool area or happen to be close and like good art, good people and good food then have a pop down and check it out, come say "Hi" and see whats happening in the world of Illustration/ Graphic design!!

Can't Wait!

Find out more on INPRINT Liverpool's Facebook Page!

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