Friday, 21 November 2014

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

Its come to that time of year again where its getting colder, wetter and darker. Meaning only one thing... IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I have been hopeless so far and have gotten absolutely no christmas shopping done, but I have made christmas cards. This year they are all handmade using lino print techniques with stamping block letters. OH MY LORD do they take an age to do but they are just too adorable once finished. These cards are in my shop NOW! You have the choice of individual cards or packs. I'm still in the process of making more too which means some more festive lines upon the cards- not just the ones we have here. 

I also still have some of last years Children's Nativity Christmas cards which are also in my shop this year. This gives you so many options. Again these are being sold as individual cards or in packs!

Head over to my Etsy Shop to see these cards and look out for some new things I will be selling. 
I can't wait for this festive season and to wear a Christmas jumper. 

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