Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kensington palace and George.

So I'm going in to my third and final year of University which, as some of you may know, means that i will be writing my dissertation. The only thing is on my course it isn't a dissertation; its known as a G.A.R.P (Graphic Arts Research Project). This means that I get to write about whatever I want, within reason of course. The people who know me know that I am obsessed with history, period dramas and I'm in love with the royal family. As are most people at the moment. Anyway I was told to write about something that I like and will keep me occupied for a whole year so , of course, I chose royal portraiture. Que. amazing trips to palaces, museums and galleries. On Wednesday I visited Kensington Palace and the National Portrait Gallery.

Oh my goodness. It was so beautiful!... and super busy thanks to the royal baby being born. Loads of reporter tents were lined up outside the house so I think i was probably on TV in some country anyway, just walking in the background. I had gone to gain some more information on Queen Victoria and see a few paintings that I'm studying in real life, but of course I needed to look round the whole house too. Casually walking round the house pretending in wearing a full length dress and the house is mine... its what everyone does right?!? 

Queen Victoria grew up in this house and therefore she was a big part of what is shown within the house. The image below is of Victoria's wedding dress! How cute is that! It is also rather petite as Queen Victoria only grew to be 5 foot tall. 

The rooms of the house are truly beautiful. Everything you expect from a palace like huge halls, fire places, incredibly high ceilings and extravagant decorations. However, this palace had the most beautiful ceiling paintings. Not too over the top and the harmonious colours worked so well together. I found myself looking up most of the time. They weren't the most beautiful rooms that I have ever seen but wow; those ceilings.

The whole palace seemed to welcome art overall, with each fireplace holding a little art piece to do with something about the room. On the way to the Queen's state apartments there was a big art piece with paper cuts and bottles with ships in. So cute! Kensington is the first palace I've really seen that has embraced art like this within such a historical place and actually i think it made it a bit of cheeky fun. Kids loved all the art work and were obsessed with the clever whispering walls ( I was a bit obsessed too sitting down on every single bench.)

Overall I loved my day at Kensington Palace. The weather was beautiful and the gardens looked magnificent! Although rather packed full of tourists and people arriving because of the Royal baby, now prince George. I would seriously visiting Kensington Palace especially if you are like me and love this sort of thing. My next Palace is Buckingham Palace which will be just as packed! I cant wait to go though!

 Let me know if you enjoyed your visit to Kensington Palace and what your favourite part was!

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